Top Reasons Why Window Cleaning is Important

Many Austin home and business owners neglect one important aspect of their exterior façades: the windows. But you can’t understate the impact clean windows can have on your home or office. Whether you DIY the project or you hire a professional window cleaner, here are the top reasons why clean windows are so important.

1.  Clean Windows Ensure a Better View

The whole purpose of windows is to view the outside and let as much natural light as possible inside. If they are covered in a thick film of dust and dirt, your view is compromised. When you look out the window, all you will be able to focus on is the dirt. Think about what this must look like to guests of your home or customers of your business.

You may have tried to clean your own windows, which is a noble endeavor. However, without the right supplies and planning, you can leave streaks and dust behind. When a professional does it, they bring the right supplies and take the time to thoroughly clean the windows so they remain streak-free. You get a crystal clear view of the great outdoors, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference a good cleaning makes. 

2.  Clean Windows Prevent Window Degradation

A buildup of acid rain, hard water and debris can eat away at your frames, glass and sills over time. The glass is especially vulnerable to degradation. Why? Dirt particles make their way into the pores of the glass, contaminating and corroding it. You may start seeing light scratches or cracks at first, but over the years, a neglected window will start to show signs of structural damage as well.

It’s especially important to have a pro regularly hand wash your windows to preserve the integrity and aesthetics of your windows.

3.     Clean Windows Promote Curb Appeal

Not only will you see a big difference in your own windows, your neighborhoods, guests and potential buyers will appreciate them as well. Curb appeal is all about that impression people get when they pull up to your home or walk by it. Clean windows, coupled with power washed exteriors, trimmed landscape and flower boxes, for example, can result in a positive overall curb appeal.

4.     Clean Windows Deter Mold

Interior window cleaning is important in preventing mold growth, which in turn promotes better air quality in your home. Mold often grows in the corners of your windows and frames. When allowed to remain, this can spur allergic reactions, asthma flare-ups, shortness of breath, itchy eyes, and wheezing. Even worse: long-term exposure can lead to serious lung infections and other conditions.  

5.  Clean Windows Keep You Safe

Especially on homes with more than one story, the prospect of cleaning your own windows can seem precarious and dangerous. That’s because it is. Getting up on a ladder to clean the exteriors of your home can lead to slips and falls. Professionals arrive at your home with the proper equipment and supplies for safety’s sake. As a result, you can stay inside while the professionals take care of the dirty work!

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