Can You Pressure Wash a Brick House?

Yes and no. Yes, a brick house can (and should) be cleaned, but it shouldn’t involve high pressure. That’s why most pressure washing companies will recommend a soft wash process that’s tough enough to remove stains and dirt, and gentle enough not to cause damage like pitting and swirling.

While brick is a durable construction material for homes and other buildings, it is surprisingly fragile when it comes to applying too much pressure. Here at Southern Flow Cleaning Solutions, we take a high-volume, soft pressure approach to our brick cleaning services in Kyle TX. This involves a pre-treatment soft wash process with a safe yet effective detergent that can eliminate organic growth like algae from your brick facades. We then follow up with a gentle pressure wash that won’t damage your bricks or the mortar in between.

There are many things to consider when deciding to pressure wash a brick house. You have to remember that brick is a porous material. This means that your bricks can easily retain water. However, because your house exterior is vertical, it is not as exposed to saturation of moisture as your driveways or patios. Still, a pressure washing wand in the wrong hands could result in irreversible damage that will be very noticeable – forever.

If you’re thinking of DIY’ing this process, think again. Too much pressure with an untrained eye can damage the grout, and loosen or crack your bricks, ruining the stately and classy look that is the cornerstone of this beautiful material. 

Avoid High Pressure and Acid When Soft Washing a Brick House

Cleaning a brick house with high pressure can cause chipping, swirling, pitting or receding. What may look like cleanliness after a high pressure wash could actually be damage due to removal of the surface layer. Acidic cleansers such as ammonia or muriatic acid should also never be used, which can eat away at the brick and mortar.

Soft Washing Brick is Best

Any reputable pressure washing company will recommend a soft wash method for brick homes. This uses biodegradable cleansers that are strong enough to remove surface contaminants without doing damage. After the detergent is allowed to sit and do its job, a low-pressure rinse is applied that will safely remove the contaminants that were lifted out of the brick. This specialized process should only be performed by a professional, as they come equipped with the right tools, machines, solutions and gear to safely remove dirt while preserving your brick exteriors.

Contact Southern Flow Cleaning Solutions For Brick Soft Washing in Dripping Springs

Don’t attempt to clean your brick surfaces on your own. Call Southern Flow Cleaning Solutions instead, where we employ a soft wash process that’s safe on your brick exteriors yet removes all the dirt and grime that has been building up. You will be amazed as we reveal the true luster and beauty of your brick home! Get in touch for a free quote today at (512) 442-2900.