7 Tough Things That Can be Removed with Pressure Washing

While you may already know dirt and mildew are no match for a pressure washer, you may be surprised to see what can also be removed with this method. Gum…paint…stains…even graffiti can be removed with pressure washing – when done by a pro.

1.    Pressure Washing Removes Graffiti

Spray paint is an eyesore on your home or business. But even worse, it’s very hard to remove. However, with the right pressure washer and application, graffiti can be erased from your concrete, brick and metal surfaces.

2.    Pressure Washing Removes Gum

Chewing gum is one of the toughest and stickiest things to remove, no matter what the surface. But it’s no match for pressure washers, which can remove these gluey globs even if they’ve been there a while. The hot water virtually melts the gum away while the high pressure finishes the job.

3.    Pressure Washing Removes Stains

With the right detergent, pressure washers can become your first line of defense against exterior stains on your vinyl siding, walkways, driveways, patios, paving stones and other surfaces. Stains left by dirt, leaves, algae, grime, and more can be removed in no time by a pressure washer.

4.    Pressure Washing Removes Paint

It can be tough to remove peeling paint by hand from fences, siding, and brick surfaces. Why not make the process go more quickly by using a pressure washer? If you’re doing it yourself, always test out a small section before you proceed. Adjust pressure as needed and then work in sections. For wood surfaces, spray with the grain of the wood, not against it.  

5.    Pressure Washing Removes Calcium and Lime Deposits

Lime and calcium deposits (left by hard water) tend to collect on pools, fountains, and other hard surfaces over time. These mineral deposits are tough and time consuming to remove by hand. You can easily and quickly remove scale with a pressure washer.

6.    Pressure Washing Removes Oil and Grease

Cars, motorcycles, and lawn equipment often leave unsightly oil and grease stains behind. But pressure washers and the right degreasing detergents can remove these stubborn stains from your garage, driveway and walkway.

7.    Pressure Washing Removes Gutter Clogs

It can be a very strenuous, unsafe and dirty job to clean out your gutters on a regular basis.  Pressure washers with curved attachments, wands and extensions can make quick work of this, allowing you to clear out your downspouts and prevent future clogged gutters.

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