6 Outdoor Buda Cleaning Tips

When you think of spring cleaning, you likely think of deep cleaning your home’s interior. But don’t forget about your exteriors – they need just as much TLC this spring. With regular maintenance, cleaning and pressure washing each year, you can do your part to ensure the longevity, appearance and value of anything from roofing and siding to patios and windows.

The first step is to hire pressure washers in the Austin area to take care of the big stuff. But here are six outdoor spring cleaning tips to get you started.

1.  Clean the Windows

Spotted, dirty windows not only detract from your viewing capability from the inside of the home, they detract from the curb appeal from the outside. Hire a pressure washer skilled in window cleaning, as they use a gentle hand wash approach that ensures not only the glass areas are cleaned, but the trim, frames and window boxes as well. For spot checks, spray some glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth to get sparkling windows.

2.     Rake Up Leaves and De-Clutter the Yard

Your yard may be a bit messy and cluttered with organic growth after the winter season. Now is a good time to rake up excess leaves, pick up twigs, get rid of standing water, and give your outdoor patio sets a good cleaning. Throw out broken toys from last year, trim back vegetation, and make any small repairs to decks, handrails, sheds, etc. if necessary.

3.     Pressure Wash the House and Garage

Now it’s time to clean the siding on your house and garage to remove surface contaminants such as algae, mold, and dirt that have accumulated over the last several months. In many cases, especially with vinyl siding offset by brick or stone exteriors, soft washing is the best bet when it comes to ensuring damage-free cleaning.

4.     Pressure Wash the Driveway and Deck

First, you’ll want to sweep dirt and debris from your driveway, patio area and deck. Pressure or soft washing is the best way to restore the luster of these surfaces. Hire a professional to ensure safe cleaning that’s strong enough to remove organic growth like algae and moss, stains, debris, sap, oil and gum.

Washing your deck each spring is essential in ensuring organic growth such as algae is removed, as these substances can make your deck very slippery. Considering a deck is one of the main spaces where you entertain in the summer, this is the one spot you need to make sure is clean and safe. 

5.     Clean Out Clogged Gutters

Debris can get clogged in your gutters over time, obstructing the flow of water. With clogs come backed-up gutters that can become very heavy and start to pull away from your house. Clogs can also lead to foundation damage and leaks. While you’re scooping out all that debris, take a look at the state of your gutters. If they are striped with dirty stains, hire your pressure washing company to clean those as well.  

6.     Check the Roof For Moss and Streaks

If you notice black streaking or moss accumulating on your roof, hire a pressure washing company in Dripping Springs to clean it properly. If you leave the streaks as is, that organic material will eat away at the shingles and the granules they’re made up of. Moss can also embed its roots into your shingles. Protect your roofing investment with yearly cleaning from a pro.

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