4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Well, 2022 is just about upon us. You may already be thinking about some personal resolutions you’ll try to stick with come January, such as lose a few pounds, manage money better or pursue a new career. But what about making some resolutions for your home?

From pressure washing your exteriors to cleaning your roof, here are some ways you can improve your home’s health and efficiency in 2022.

1.    Give Your Home a Deep Clean

If your roof is streaked with black, your siding is dirty and your patio is dull, you need to give the whole house a deep clean from top to bottom. Pressure washing is a great way to achieve that all-over clean. After all, you know it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance for your home, and New Year’s is the perfect time to stick to that commitment.

Pressure washing or soft washing all your exteriors at once will not only save you money, it’ll save you time as well.

2.    Get Your Roof Washed

You may not think about your roof very often, but it’s usually one of the first things people see as they drive by or pull in your driveway. Indeed, the state of your roof impacts the appearance of your entire home. To keep stains at bay and prevent leaks, regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning are necessary. Roofs are subject to a lot of damage thanks to weather, debris, mold, algae, and mildew. That damage can be prevented with proper TLC of your roof. For asphalt shingles, a soft wash process is the smart choice, as it doesn’t use high pressure that can force water underneath your roof. This process can get rid of all that dirt and organic material buildup, while preventing re-growth.

3.    Clean Your Siding

Your vinyl siding doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance—after all, that’s probably why you chose it in the first place! But it can benefit from yearly pressure washing by a professional. Leaving mold and algae untreated allows these harmful microorganisms to eat away at your materials, which can cost you a pretty penny later on to replace prematurely. Even if you have other siding types, such as brick, stucco, wood or brick, it can benefit from a pressure washing or soft washing job.

4.    Unclog Your Gutters

Gutters get filled quite frequently with leaves, debris, twigs and even birds’ nests. It’s important to scoop out that debris at least twice a year. Now’s a good time to do it. But while you’re at it, hire a pressure washing professional to wash your gutters as well. Here at Southern Flow Cleaning Solutions, we hand wash gutters to remove the familiar “tiger striping” that so often plagues gutter systems. Allowing debris and dirt to sit in your gutters can attract pests and bugs, not to mention it can result in rot and mold.

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